About Organization Records

Entity records in ISP are designed to house numerous pieces of valuable information. Below is a breakdown of what you’ll find in an Organization record.

At the top of each record you’ll find basic information, such as the name and Business Type info. If there is any contribution information, you’ll see a wrench icon where you can choose to display Key Stats, such as Most Recent Contribution, Total Donations, and more. If contact information is available, such as Email or Phone, you’ll have options to call or email them directly, as well as view their address on a map.

If you need to make any edits to the name and other basic information, click on the green triangle in the top right corner to display a window where edits can be made.

In nearly all of the sections on the page, you’ll have the option to add information. Again, this done by clicking the green triangle in the right corner of the section. Some of these sections are Transactions, Flags, Relationships, and more.

If the organization is also known by abbreviation, like ISP vs Integrated Solutions: Political, use the Alias field. When someone searches for ISP instead of the full name, the record will be included in the search results.

If the organization is a committee, use the Committee Info section on the right to add information such as ID Number, Jurisdiction, and other committee-related information. This data can play an important role when it comes to Compliance reports, including any affiliations to their committee staff in the Relationships section.

At the bottom of the page, use the Advanced Tools drop-up menu to make the record Inactive or Delete the record. The Delete option will not be available when the record contains critical information, such as financial transactions, for example.

Finally, you can print the record details or export it to a Call Sheet using the Print/Export button at the very bottom of the screen.

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