What Is the eversign Integration and How Do I Use It?

The eversign integration allows you to email necessary documents that require signature. These can be sent directly from within individual records.

To begin, first add the eversign integration to your database by going to the Integrations tab, then to Add/Remove. On the resulting screen, scroll down until you see the eversign integration option, then click it to add it to your database. 

A window will appear and have two fields.

eversign Access Key: This is used to authenticate eversign API. You can get your API info from within your eversign account. Go to the top left dropdown menu and select Developer.

eversign Business ID: One requirement for eversign use is to include eversign’s API business ID. To get this, log into your account and navigate to the Developer page by going to the dropdown in the top left.

Once you have added these details, you’ll see the eversign option under the Integrations tab. Once you click this option, you’ll be directed to the Eversign Templates page. On this page will be the templates you previously created within your eversign account. 

If you’d like to make one of these templates a test only option, click the red Live banner next to the name. This will ask if you want to make this a Sandbox template. To make it Live again, click Sandbox.

After sending out eversign agreements, you can click the Sent Agreements button at the bottom of the screen to review sent agreements.

How do I send eversign documents for signature?

If you need someone to sign documents, first navigate to their individual record. If the individual does not have a record already, please create that record and be sure to include an email address.

At the bottom of the screen is a dropup menu labeled Quick Communications. Click this and you’ll see an option for Send Eversign Agreement. Select this and in the new window that appears, choose which template to send, the Subject of your email, and the message you’d like to send with it. Click the Send Agreement button when ready.

After the individual receives and e-signs the documents, you’ll receive notice it was completed. Also, in the entity’s record, specifically the Communications section, you’ll see a notation for the sent eversign document, as well as a button to download the agreement.