What Are Stripe Donation Emails and How Do I Add Them?

Stripe Donation Emails are emails that you can have automatically sent to donors when they use the Donation Pages you created. These are not required to have a donation page but they are an easy way of using the system to thank donors automatically. 

Please be aware if you use the Stripe integration to automatically thank donors, do not use the Thank You tool in ISP to thank them. Simply import them as thanked already.

To add a Donation Email, navigate to the Stripe integration page under the Integrations tab, then click Manage Donation Emails at the bottom of the screen. On the resulting page, if you already have Donation Emails created, you’ll see them listed here. To create one, click the Add Donation Button at the bottom.

In the window that appears, create the email you’d like sent to the donor. All fields are required. In the Email Name, be sure this is clear, as this is what you will use to link to any Donation Pages you’ve created.

In the Text field are other formatting options, such as bolding the text or making it larger. You also have access to Merge Fields: Full Name, First Name, and Amount. These fields will pull directly from the data found in the donation details.

The Sender Name and Reply To Address fields allow you to choose what the email recipient sees in regards to who sent it and also who their reply would go to if they were to reply.

Once you’ve created your email, click the Add Donation Email button.

Click the Manage Pages button to be returned to the main page you first landed on when you clicked the Stripe Integration option in the Tools tab.