What Are Quick Texts?

Quick Texts is a tool that allows you to send a text message to a phone number in an individual record. There must be a phone number in the Phones section of the record for this to work. The text messages are based on templates you can create, which allows for multiple people to use a standard response when following up after a call or for other functions.

To use the Quick Texts tool, first make sure it is installed in your account. In the Tools menu you should see an option for Quick Texts. If not, click Add/Remove Tools and select it from the list of tools you can install.

How do I set up Quick Texts?

When you first navigate to the Quick Texts page, you will see a search option to enter an area code. This will filter available phone numbers to select from that match the area code used. These are not existing numbers in your account, but are numbers available to you for text messaging. When you see a number you like, click Select This Number and it will become your Quick Text number. There may be a fee associated with the use of a texting number, so be sure to review the cost in the sidebar for more cost details.

Once you have a number set, you will see a page called Quick Tests: Manage Numbers. From this page you can turn on Smart Forwarding, which will forward a text response or call to the person who initiated the initial text message to that individual. If you don’t want to receive responses, select Ignore. If you need to edit your phone number settings in the future, you can click the button at the bottom called Manage Numbers to navigate back to this page.

Clicking Manage Quick Texts will take you to the page where you can create your text message templates. The messages you create here will become a selectable option for your text message communication. You can create as many as you need. Click Add Quick Text to start the process of creating a text message.

Name: This is the name for the text message. If you plan to use more than one, it should be something easily identifiable in a list of text messages you are creating.

Message: This is the content of the text. You can have large amounts of text, but if it’s over 160 characters it will be split into smaller segments for sending.

Communication Type: This allows you to indicate a specific communication type to associate with this text message. Communication types can be customized on the Communication Types page in the Lists tab and allow tracking of any type of communications with that particular individual or organization. 

How do I use Quick Texts in ISP?

To send a text message, navigate to any individual record, locate the Quick Communications button at the bottom, and click Quick Texts. That will give you the option to select which text message you want and also add a follow up reminder at the same time. Once you have selected a Quick Text from the list of available messages, you will see that text appear in the Message box. If needed, you can further customize the message prior to sending so it’s a bit more tailored to the specific individual.

Once you send a text message you will see it added to the Communications section of the record with a time stamp.