Using Individual Search

The Individual Search screen allows you to locate any individual records in your database. You have the option of searching all Active records, all Inactive records, or All Records regardless of active/inactive status. These options are found directly above the blue Search button.

On the search screen are search criteria fields. These include Individual, Address, Phone Number, Email, Notes, and Flags.

When searching, you can use one field, a combination of fields, or all of them. Please note, however, that the more fields you use, the more narrow your search becomes. For example…

The above will direct the system to look for any individual with the name Smith (first or last), lives in San Diego, and has an email address with in it. If the Address criteria was removed, the scope of the search would expand to anyone with the name Smith and in their email address.

If you don’t locate the individual you are looking for, you can click the Add Individual button at the bottom of the screen to add a new individual record to your database.