Transaction Tags for Support/Oppose Memos

On the “Specify Support/Oppose” section of an Expense, there are four transaction tags listed.

  • IE to Oppose
  • IE to Support
  • Non-IE to Oppose
  • Non-IE to Support

These four tags will cover almost all of the situations you need to report Support/Oppose Memos for.

IE to Oppose
Use this tag for Independent Expenditures opposing an issue or candidate.

IE to Support
Use this tag for Independent Expenditures in support of other candidates or issues.

Non-IE to Oppose
This tag is most commonly used for member communications (ex: The Reform Party of Orange County sends out a mailer to their supporters urging them to vote no on Prop X).

Non-IE to Support
Use this tag on either a Direct Contribution (ex: Contribution to Committee with the Candidate as the Specify Support/Oppose) or an Expense Support/Oppose – commonly known as an “Inkind Contribution” (ex: Paying for fliers from “ABC Printing” with “Maria Espinoza” as the Specify Support/Oppose).