Transaction Limits

When it comes to tracking contributions and whether or not they've gone over the limit, things can get tricky. Fortunately ISP has built in warnings to let you know when this is happening.

If you manually add a transaction that goes over the contribution limit, the system will provide a text warning at the top of the page and also alert you with a sound. You will still be able to add the transaction but at least you will have been given a warning to let you know the threshold has been crossed.

There are a few other important things to know when it comes to transaction limits in ISP:

- If there are transactions in the Pending Imports page that will go over the limit, you will receive a warning there that the threshold has been crossed.

- ISP has an AI option that will conduct imports for you. During this time, it will watch for any transactions over the limit and send an email for those that are. Click here to find out how to set this AI alert. Furthermore, AI will not automatically import transactions in the Pending Imports page that are over the limit but instead will alert you.

- Due to the complexity of limits, a limit report is not available but we do have a recipe for conducting a close, and aggressive, search for donors that are over the limit. That said, this would depend heavily on the reporting agency.

If you have any questions on this or local transaction limits, please contact Support.