Color changes on “Add Transaction” screen

At ISPolitical, we try to think like the people using our system. So you may start seeing things in certain places that make sense on an intuitive level but take a little time to fully understand. The changing colors when adding transactions is a great example of just this type of design.

Watch this short video for an explanation or keep reading below.

Why do the colors change when adding transactions? Simple, they’re changing to deliver information about the transaction.

The label (font-color) changes with each transaction. We tried to use positive colors for incoming cash and negative or hot colors for outgoing cash. Staying within the contrast balance means a limited color set. So it doesn’t match up perfectly. Over time, you’ll remember them.

The borders change depending on either the cash or net worth implication of the transaction you select. Red means negative. Blue means neutral or unaffected. Green means positive. The color top border changes color to imply the effect the transaction has on your cash position: green (positive), blue (neutral), or red (negative). The right border implies the effect the transaction has on your net worth.

Here’s a breakdown:

Labels: color unique to transaction type (note: child transactions – like accrued expense repayment – share color with their parents).


Top border – Cash position
Right border – Net worth
Green – positive
Blue – neutral
Red – negative

If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to contact us. We’re always trying to make our system better and would love your feedback.