Should My Political Software Include Compliance Report Generators?

Periodic political campaign finance reports are time-consuming and tedious to generate. You could spend a lot less time and get much better results with the right political accounting software. Here’s how you can simplify your government compliance reports.

Your political campaign committee’s books are clean as a whistle – every receipt and every expenditure perfectly entered and categorized, all your committee’s bank accounts are balanced and reconciled, and every check accounted for.

You have a complete lists of donors including amounts, dates, names and addresses, occupations and employers, compiled by your fundraising consultant and your professional political treasurer. You know which donors have given a total that requires government reporting and which are small enough to remain anonymous.

So why is government campaign finance reporting such an involved, time consuming and laborious project? Why are you setting aside several days to a week each reporting period to getting this routine task finished correctly and on time?

If your political accounting software does not include campaign finance compliance report generators, you are wasting valuable time.

What takes so much time in filing your government campaign finance reports each filing period is taking data from one source and trying to fit it into another system entirely. You’re basically shoving a square peg into a round hole – you can make it work, but it’s hard and annoying to do.

Why would you do that to yourself? Let’s make it easier. ISPolitical offers a fully integrated political accounting software data solution – handling your accounting, contacts, fundraising operations, volunteers and marketing communications all in one place. Not to mention the most important part: Government-required Campaign Finance Compliance Reporting: automatic report generation. Built-in.

With ISPolitical, you are compiling all the relevant information in one place. Your fundraiser is maintaining accurate contact information and communication history with donors. Your marketing team is keeping valid postal and email addresses stored and up-to-date. Your bookkeeper is keeping track of income, expenses, loans, donations, accruals, etc – and is categorizing them exactly as needed for your political campaign finance and compliance reporting.

Which means that YOU have one job at finance reporting time: click a button in your political accounting software, and review your beautiful, automatically-generated report for errors.

(Yes, very rarely, data entry mistakes are made. But with ISPolitical, you’ll catch them before they cause you any headache!)  Your old system – using accounting software to generate reports that you then have to type into a report generator – takes longer and leaves more room for user error.

You have options when it comes to choosing software for political accounting, and though it may seem that you’re choosing an easy, off-the-shelf item, it is a selection you should evaluate carefully to be sure whatever you purchase truly meets your needs. Please remember, though, that software can be expensive and you should be sure about what you buy before you risk valuable dollars. Any company that asks you for a long contract or a lot of money up front, and does not offer you a generous trial period, is more concerned with taking your dollars than with providing a product that will satisfy your political accounting needs.