Setting Up Seattle EFiling

Applies To: Washington
If you need to file your reports with the SEEC (Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission), you will need to ensure your committee is set up correctly first.
Here is a step by step guide on how to do that:
1. First, navigate to the Filer Committee Record.
 If you’re not sure where this is, you can find your Filer Committee record by searching for the committee name through Quick Search.
You can also find your Filer Committee record by navigating to the Organizations search under “Add/Search” on the top toolbar and selecting “Organizations”. Then, type in your committee name and click “Search”
The simplest way to do this is by going to Reports>Compliance, and selecting Related Pages at the bottom of the screen. Then, click Manage Filers>Go to Record.
*If you haven’t set up your filer or committee records, please be sure to do that first. 
We have help files for that here, if needed:
2. Now, you’ll want to update the committee info.
If you’ve set up your filer committee properly, you should see a box at the top of the record labeled “Committee Info.” Click on the edit icon and make sure that Jurisdiction is set to “City” and Jurisdiction Description is set to “Seattle”.
3. Next, make sure your committee address is in WA.
If your committee address isn’t a Washington state address, it will not be able to file with the SEEC. This shouldn’t be an issue, but just confirm that this step is covered.
4. Finally, confirm Seattle filing is set up.
Once you’ve done the above, you are done – congrats!  When you generate your reports, you should now see an additional “EFile to Seattle” button in addition to the “EFile to WA” one.
If you go back to the Manage Filers page under “Limits in Place”, it should say “City of Seattle, WA” instead of “Washington”:

*If you don’t see either of those, then try logging out and back in first. It may just be an issue of the system needing to catch up first. If you still don’t see them, then please contact support for help.