Political Campaign Software | Keep Your Data Clean

Accurate data is critical for running a successful campaign. The right political campaign software avoids error and duplication so your campaign staff can bring home a win.

Every member of your political campaign team uses data to get their job done. Your political campaign software should be able to handle the needs of your campaign manager, general consultant, fundraiser, bookkeeper or treasurer, your communications coordinator and your volunteer coordinator.  While each role has unique data storage and reporting needs, your entire political campaign staff draws upon a large body of overlapping data such as names, addresses, email and phone information, and donation history.

With so many ways for political campaigns to use the same voter and constituent information, using political campaign software to keep your data in a central place and well maintained is key.

Your political campaign software needs to address the needs of every member of your campaign team.

Here’s an example: A campaign’s political fundraiser keeps a meticulous list of all the supporters she has asked for donations, and updates her list via political campaign software to reflect the donations she has received. Her meticulous list includes important information like names, residential addresses, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.  As the campaign continues, she enters into her political campaign software the dates and amounts of individual donations to the political campaign.

That same campaign’s volunteer coordinator also uses residential addresses; he uses political campaign software to generate lists of potential supporters, sorted into neighborhoods. Walking volunteers are soliciting votes for the campaign’s candidate in the upcoming election, and they need to be prepared with detailed information about the current resident of each address they approach.

Great political campaign software allows all of your staff to help keep your valuable data clean and up to date.

In an all-too-common scenario, the fundraiser and the volunteer coordinator are keeping their information in completely separate places; perhaps not even political campaign software at all. So when the fundraiser receives updated information about voter mailing and residential addresses through returned mail, donor-submitted web forms and address corrections, the fundraiser has a higher quality contact list, but that doesn’t benefit her colleague, the volunteer coordinator.

In a perfect world, the fundraiser and the volunteer coordinator are part of a single campaign team, running like a well-oiled political machine. Their data is accessible to both of them in a single political campaign software product – in the format in which they need it, with reporting features tailored to their specific jobs. When the fundraiser receives updated information to improve the quality of the mailing list and adds it to the political campaign software, it’s immediately available to all of the campaign users.

Find the political campaign software to improve your campaign.

There is an array of specialized political campaign software options available, some of which can fit this bill. ISPolitical is a great option, designed by professional treasurers and experienced political consultants, and built by data management experts to help campaigns keep their data as clean and updated as it’s possible to do.

Whatever political campaign software you choose, beware of any company that requires a long term contract or cash up front. Businesses asking you to risk a lot of money on a product are worried that you won’t like the product when you start using it.