Oregon Filers: How to Pull “Employer/Occupation letter sent date” for Reporting

Applies To: Oregon

In Oregon, there is a reporting requirement to indicate a letter was sent requesting Employer and Occupation within 7 days of receiving the contribution. The way we account for this in ISP is to use a Communication on the record.

Add a Communication Type “Occupation/Employer Request” to the entity missing the Employer and/or Occupation information. Doing so will pull the following to the report for this entity: “Employer/Occupation letter sent {date of communication}”. If you update the employer and/or occupation after obtaining the required information, the system will not pull the requested info line.

Don’t forget that AI@ISP can do this automatically for you too. In order to enable this feature, head to Tools > AI@ISP and turn on “Send Missing Occupation/Employer Emails”.

This will email reportable donors for you if they are missing their occupation or employer, asking them to reply with that information. The AI will then add an appropriate communication to the record an email was sent to for you so the required note will pull to your compliance reports automatically!

When the donor responds, AI@ISP will automatically update their record based on their response. Don’t worry — everyone on the recipients list will be forwarded a copy of any emails received and notified about what AI has done!

If you’d like to read more about AI@ISP – you can do sohere.