ISP’s Exclusive JFC Wizard

Periodically, political committees will join together to do a fundraiser. This is regulated by complicated agreements and FEC filing regulations. At the core is a single committee designated as a “Joint Fundraising Representative” but more commonly known as a “Joint Fundraising Committee” (JFC).
We’ve built a wizard to assist with managing a JFC. This has three parts.
Part I: Setup the Participants & Account(s)
Each participant is added as a new record in the account and then via the wizard, added as a participant.  When adding a participant, they are given a priority, and two maximum amounts: (1) for Federal Multicandidate Political Committees and (2) for other donations.
This is used to determine the default recommended allocation for each contribution.
From the financial account menu, one or menu bank accounts should be designated as “for JFC.”
Note: We currently only support a priority based allocation model; we can support other models if needed by clients.
Part II: Add and Allocation Monetary Contributions
Monetary Contributions should be added and deposited, as normal, into the bank account that is designed for JFC. Likewise, expenses should be entered as normal.
When ready, the user should return to the wizard.  They’ll see a list of all their contributions in the JFC account. Their amounts will automatically be distributed among the JFC participants according to the rules previously set up.

They can click on any amount they need to change and update it.  For example, if the donor is at max limit for one of the participants.

Then they can click on “Download Draft” to get an Excel version of the allocation distributions for others to review.
Once they have confirmed all contributions are at their proper allocation amount, they click on “Record & Export”. Note: once you do this, you will not see these contributions on this screen again.
Part III: Make transfers to JFC participants

After allocating transactions, the wizard will then assist them in making the necessary transfers.  Enter in a reserve amount (how much they want to hold back for covering expenses) and a spreadsheet will be generated.
This spreadsheet will use the previous transfers, advances, expenses, and contributions to determine an appropriate pro-rated amount to transfer to each participant. 
Again, it can be manually adjusted as the user sees fit.  When they’re ready, they can click “Add Transfers as Expenses” and it will allow them to enter expenses for each one of the participants at the amounts they’ve set.
Parts II & III can be repeated as often as needed.