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We believe that systems should work together and are happy to build integrations with any company similarly open. Watch for more integrations coming.

Anedot recently passed ActBlue to become the world’s largest political contributions processor. They offer some amazing online fundraising tools like the ability to have a contributor process a donation with one click and the ability to have that one click be a link in an email. That’s right, the donor doesn’t have to leave his or her email to donate.

Anedot integration is ISP is extremely easy to set up and offers the maximal ease of use.

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eFundConnect is an easy-to-use platform enables your campaign to raise more money effectively and ensures you receive accurate data instantly as contributions flow in.
eFundConnect is designed to coordinate your political campaign’s fundraising efforts and accept contributions through a variety of methods, but that are all accessible through one system that proactively notifies you instantly of contributions. No matter how many events a fundraiser create, or how many different fundraising pages there are, you’ll have direct access to the finance information in one location.
• Instant notification, weekly reports, and online access to all donation information.
• Directly transfer of money via ACH payment with automated reports of matching funds.
• Mobile Credit Card Reader app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
• An event system where fundraisers can create an unlimited number of events.
• Contribution pages for candidate websites.
• Facebook donation pages.
• Tagging of pages so campaigns can track who raised the money.
• Data Integration with ISPolitical.

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A donor management platform built to help nonprofits grow.See how donors interact with your nonprofit through email, events, giving, and more. Discover and learn fundraising tips from fundraising experts. Save time with software your entire staff can use. Develop meaningful relationships with your donors.

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