Initial Account Setup & Agreement

The SETUP ACCOUNT page is used to setup the basic settings for your account. This page will no longer appear once you agree to the Terms of Service.

NOTE: When you first login to the ISPolitical App you may see an account selection screen (if you have access to more than one account). If so, click on the “Access” button next to the account you want to set up to continue to the SETUP ACCOUNT page.

There are a couple of items to select in order to get started with your account.

Political Committee Type
Make sure to pick the correct type for your committee. The most common types are Candidate Committees and Political Action Committees.

Set up Compliance Filing for
Select the state agency the compliance reports will be filed with.
If this is a FEC only account, select the Federal Election Commission option.

NOTE: If this is a joint state/federal account, click the checkbox “This account will be used for both state & federal committees” and select the state.

Once those options are set, click on the checkbox next to the Terms of Service and click on the “I Agree | Set Up Account” button to start the initial set up process and access your account!