How to Thank Donors & View Previously Thanked Donors

When donors contribute, the next step would be to thank them for their contribution. In ISP, you'll be able to generate the list of donors and also mark them as Thanked so you don't send them multiple letters or emails.

When you arrive on the Thank Donors page, you'll see how many donors you have to thank based on the contributions received and input into ISP.

On this screen you can select various criteria to target specific donors you want to thank. These options can include the Budget Category tied to the contribution or a minimum amount

You also have the option of using any Custom Export format you created previously, as well as if you want the spreadsheet in Excel or CSV format.

When ready, click the Generate List | Mark As Thanked button at the bottom of the screen.

On this Thank Donors screen, you also have the ability to view Previously Generated thanked reports. At the top of the screen, select b and choose which batch of thanked donors you'd like to export, as well as the Format and File Type.