How to Record a Deposit

You can access the Record Deposit screen one of two ways, either from selecting Record Deposit from under the Accounting tab, select Record Deposit, or by clicking Undeposited Funds from the bottom of the Register screen.

When you arrive, you'll first see at the top of the screen a section labeled Deposit Summary. This will contain an Amount total, which will adjust as you select or deselect transactions below. There is also a Date field to add the date the deposit batch was added to your bank account.

The Deposit Number and Deposit Name fields are optional but in those fields you can add information that will allow you to track your deposits either. These data points are searchable by other lists and reports throughout the system. The Financial Account drop down will show all financial accounts you have in the database and any undeposited transactions that have been added to the database and associated with a specific account.

In the Deposit Transactions section you can select transactions to create a batch deposit or add to an already existing deposit. To select transactions, click the check box to the left of the transaction. There is also a checkbox option in the top left corner of the section, to the left of the Number column header, that allows you to select or deselect all of the transactions at once.

At the bottom of the Record Deposit screen are the following buttons:

  • Record Deposit: This will complete the process of creating the deposit based on the transactions you selected to include in the deposit.
  • Record Deposit & New: This will create a deposit of the transactions you selected, then will clear out the fields for you to create a new deposit.
  • Cancel: This will cancel the deposit process.
  • Print: Clicking this allows you to print the deposit screen to a PDF.

If you have the ActBlue integration set up, you'll also see a Record ActBlue Conduit Check button. If you received a check from ActBlue that comprises donations that came in through this conduit, you can create a specific deposit for those transactions to ensure reporting accuracy.