How to Prepare and Generate a FEC Form 1

The Form 1 (Statement of Organization) is typically used to register a new campaign committee with the FEC once it exceeds the applicable contribution threshold. 

The report will contain important pieces of information regarding the committee, such as Candidate, Treasurer, and Bank or Depository names, for example.

Another section, Section 6, on the Form 1 lists any connected organization, affiliated committee, joint fundraising representative, or leadership PAC sponsor. In order to get the various checkboxes checked, you'll want to be sure the following data entry is used in the Relationship section of the committee's record in the database:

- "Connected Organization" = relationship: "Parent Company"**

- "Affiliated Committee" = relationship: "Affiliate" OR "Authorized Committee" OR "Authorized Committee Of"

- "Joint Fundraising Representative" = relationship: "Joint Fundraising Representative"

- "Leadership PAC Sponsor" = relationship: "Leadership PAC Sponsor"

**Please note that per the FEC Form 1 guidelines, the term “connected organization” means any organization which is not a political committee but which directly or indirectly establishes, administers or financially supports a political committee. A connected organization may be a corporation (including a corporation without capital stock), a labor organization, a membership organization, a cooperative or a trade association. Therefore, a Connected Organization will be considered a Parent Company.

Section 9 requires you to list the Banks or Other Depositories. To do that in ISP:

2. Click on the "Financial Account Name" (by default this would be checking).
3. On the popup that appears you should see a field for "Bank's Record". Enter the name of the record that is the bank's record and select it. If you haven't created a record for the bank yet, please do so prior to this step.
4. Click on "Update" to save the changes.