How to Add the 123 FormBuilder Integration

Our integration partners sometimes make updates to their system that we are unaware of. If the steps provided in our help file don’t match what you see, please contact Support and we will update our help file to accurately reflect the correct steps.

The 123 FormBuilder integration allows you to connect forms you build to your ISP database. You can add this integration by going to the System tab, then down to Integrations. Click the 123 Form Builder option in the Available section.

A few things to keep in mind:

First, you must have a 123 Form Builder account created, you can have a FREE, 1 form only account to use this integration.

When setting up the integration, you will be prompted for the API key. The following help file created by 123 Form Builder will walk you through that process:

Once set up the following fields in a form are supported for import:

1. “Name” (combination field)
2. “Address” (combination field)
3. “Occupation”
4. “Employer Name” or “Employer”
5. “Email”
6. Phone (imported as home)
7. “Phone – Home”
8. “Phone – Cell”
9. Checkboxes/Multiple Choice where name matches a flag description

For #3 & #4 use the Short Text field and label as Occupation Employer Name/Employer, respectfully.

Checkbox/Multiple Choice fields will import as Flags in a record. Best practice is to add your multiple choice options as Flags in ISP before publishing your web form, the flag description needs to match the choice on the form exactly. If there are Flags on the form, they will be created based on matching descriptions. If the Flag does not exist, it will be created. You can update the Flag name but the description must match. Do not accept “other values” in your multiple choice option, they will not be recognized for import as Flags.

Any forms that don’t have Name fields will have the person imported with “N/A” in the First and Last Name fields. While this is not preferred, we understand there may only be a need for an email only form.

As for data, it will appear in the Pending Import queue on your Dashboard. We recommend turning on the AI feature for this. Otherwise, click here for more information on what to do with data in the Pending Imports section.