How to Add & Manage Budget Categories

Tracking your transactions with Budget Categories is a great way to understanding your finances and their source. On the Manage Budget Categories page, you’ll be able to see all the categories you have to assign to transactions, as well as ways to add or remove them.

At the top of the screen is an option to view Active or Inactive budget categories, or you can select All to see the budget categories in one single list. You can also sort each column, whether it’s the Name column or the Parent Budget Category column.

To the left of each budget category is a red X that allows you to remove the category from the list. If the category is in use, it will instead be made Inactive so it no longer appears in your list of budget category options when creating a transaction. To the right is a hot dog menu with an option to Merge any budget categories that are duplicates of each other.

At the bottom of the screen are other actions you can take.

Add Budget Category: This allows you to add a new budget category to the list. When the window appears, you’ll be required to at least complete the Name field. The Parent Category allows you to group similar categories under one group or heading.

Print: This will print the list of budget categories to a PDF.

Import Budget Categories: If you handle multiple accounts, you can import in specific budget categories from that account into another. In the window that appears, choose the Category (or Categories), then click Import Budget Categories.

Delete Unused Categories: This will remove any categories that have not been used yet, allowing you to keep your list uncluttered.

Inactivate Old Categories: This is another tool to help keep your list free from categories that are no longer in use. Clicking this will move Active categories that have not been used in a while over to the Inactive designation and list.