How Do I Record In-Kind Made Transactions?

When it comes to recording in-kind made contributions in ISPolitical, it’s a question of whether you’re paying money or giving a service or good (for which you cannot find a transaction) in support (or opposition) of another committee.

If your committee pays for something related to another committee’s fundraising event, record that contribution as an expense. Then click the Support/Oppose button at the bottom of the transaction and fill out the other committee’s details.

Below are examples of when and why to use an Expense with Support/Oppose options or use a Non-Monetary Expense.

Expense with Support/Oppose: My committee will buy these yard sign stakes for your committee. My committee records as an expense in support of your committee.

Non-Monetary Expense: My committee gives you these yard sign stakes. My committee records a non-monetary expense in support of your committee.