How Do I Get and Use CA Print?

Applies To: California

***Note: You can now download your compliance reports as PDFs directly on ISPolitical! This help file is a legacy from before we added that ability.

If you are running the CA report, and would like to create a printable version of your report, you can download a free utility from the State of CA.

1) Click on “CAPrint – Version 202.11 (ZIP)”
2) Save the .zip file somewhere you will be able to find it again
3) Right click on the file and select “Extract All”

To use the utility:
1) Open the extracted/unzipped folder
2) Double click on “CAPrint.exe”
3) If you get a “Security Warning”, click on “Run”
4) You can either
a. Drag your .cal file into the CA Print window
b. File > Open > Browse for your file

This utility from the state is on the older side, so here are some tips and tricks!

First, this utility doesn’t create a PDF – it just creates a printable version of the report. If you do not have a PDF creator already, here is a free download that I personally use to create PDFs. It creates a new “printer”.

Second, you will have to go to File > Page Setup and change the orientation from “Portrait” to “Landscape”. The orientation settings can be found in the lower right corner of the Print Setup window. Click “OK” after you’ve made this change. Sadly, this setting is not “sticky” so you will have to do this every time.