How Do I Create a Stripe Donation Page?

With your Stripe integration, you can create a Donation Page to add to your site. When creating this page, you’ll be able to add donation levels and Flags that get automatically added to the record when someone uses that specific page to donate.

First, be sure your Stripe integration has been set up in your ISP database. If it has been created already, navigate to your Stripe page under the Integrations tab and click the Add Donation Page button at the bottom of the screen.

In the window that appears, add page details. 


This is the name of your Donation Page and used to differentiate internally between other donation pages.

Top and Bottom Text

This text will appear at the top and bottom of the page and will be seen on the Donation Page the donor sees.

Submit Label

The Submit Label is what the button on the page would read. For example, you can use Give Here or Click to Submit.

You’ll also see dropdown menus for specifying if you want emails sent automatically to donors when they use a specific Donation Page you create. They are not required to create the Donation page and are covered in another help file but these determine the email and type of email you’d like sent to the donor when they use the page.

One Time Donation Email

If you have a specific email created to send out to donors who donate only once instead of on a recurring basis, select that email here.

First Recurring Donation Email

If a donor decides to donate on a recurring basis, this email option can be used to send an email to that donor on their first donation.

Ongoing Recurring Donation Email

When a recurring donation occurs via a Stripe Donation Page, this email will automatically be sent to the donor when that recurring donation processes.

Again, these email selections are optional and not required to create the Donation page. If you have no email to send, select -None-.

Once you’ve added all the desired details, click the Add Donation Page button.

After initially adding your new Donation Page you can customize with the ability to add Flags, add Recommended Donation Amounts, upload a logo, change status of showing Occupation/Employer and Occ/Emp City/State fields (default is required entry), add a Google Analytics tracking ID, and add custom Css.

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