How Do I Add My Filer for the First Time?

Before you can start generating compliance reports, you should have created your Candidate (if applicable), Treasurer, and Committee records first. If you have not done so, please refer to this link to learn how: Setting up Required Records for Compliance Reporting

One you have the records set up, getting ready to generate filing reports is pretty quick!

Note: If you had ISPolitical import data from another system, some of this section may already be set up for you.

1. Navigate to REPORTS > COMPLIANCE.
2. Click on the Entity field.
3. Enter the filing committee name and select it. If there are multiple options, make sure to select the correct filing committee.
4. The “Set” button will appear in the bottom nav bar.
5. Click on “Set”.

Multiple Filers (and Joint Accounts)

If you have a joint account, or a need to set up multiple filers, these steps will help you.

1. Click on Manage Filers in the bottom nav bar.

2. Click on “+ Add Filer”.
3. Enter the entity name for your next filer and click ADD FILER.
4. Click Compliance Reports to navigate back to the Compliance Report page.

Related Information

For info on setting up necessary entity records for compliance filing, click here.