Filing an Amended 497

If you need to file an amended CA 497 report, you can take the following steps in ISP.

1. First, navigate Reports, then to Compliance Reports.

2. Change the Compliance Report drop down to CA Form 497. Your screen should then look similar to this:

3. Complete the Date fields with the dates of the original report, and also select the Election used in the original report criteria.

4. Check the Amended box and note the following fields:

5. In the Original Report Number field, enter in the Report Number assigned to the report when it was filed. You can find this number in your committee’s list of reports on the Cal-Access site. You can also find it in the confirmation email you received when originally filing.

6. In the Number of Amendments field, enter in which number amendment this is. For example, if you’ve already filed two amendments for this specific report, you would enter in the number 3 in this field, as this would be the 3rd amendment.

7. After completing the necessary details, locate and click the Generate button at the bottom of the screen.

8. When the report generates, you have multiple options at the bottom of the screen, but in order to file with the state, click the E-File Report button.

**NOTE: E-File Report to Local Agency is only used for city or local agencies, not for CA state reporting.**

9. After clicking E-File Report, you’ll be taken to a screen where you type in the E-Filing Password. This password is provided to you by the state and is not the password you use to log in to the ISP system.

10. After entering in your password, click the Submit E-File button at the bottom.