Politics can be a dirty business

We take your data & security very f***ing serious!

ISP is the ONLY political software with Enhanced 2-Factor Authentication

Security experts agree that using two factor authentication is one of the very best ways to keep your data and software secure.

Two factor authentication makes a person logging in confirm their identity using a separate device, greatly increasing security & preventing costly breaches.

Sen. Burr just warned that hackers remain active and could increase efforts going into 2018. Burr warned political campaigns to take security seriously.

Our enhanced two factor allows secure and easy validation with SMS, phone, One-Touch, or TOTP for ultimate security.

Two factor authentication is the first step in security. Other vendors suffered big security breaches in 2016 and still don’t offer two factor.

Enabling two-factor authentication—or 2FA for short—is among the easiest, most powerful steps you can take to protect your online accounts.Eva Galperin, Electronic Frontier Foundation Director of Cybersecurity

A philosophy of security over profit

We allow an unlimited number of users without charging an additional fee. Why? Some people will share their logins. That’s a huge, major, enormous security risk!

We pay close attention to security best practices.

  • Ongoing staff security training and testing
  • Special controls on email use for staff
  • Third party info sharing controls
  • Device hardening
  • Mandatory use of two factor authentication
  • Improved malware defenses

What about the physical stuff?

  • Palo Alto PA-850 Firewalls
  • Dedicated micro-security camera system
  • Topaz door monitoring system
  • Fike fire alarm control system
  • Veeam data back up systems
  • Mitsubishi uninterruptible power supply

If you haven’t used ISP, you’re wasting time!

The same fresh approach we take with security delivers the best political software on the market.

So, so many easy to use features

  • Enhanced compliance reporting (file all your compliance reports from one page)
  • Full accounting package: all political transactions, register, deposit batching, reconciliations and etc.
  • Data entry optimized for time saving
  • Detailed data tracking and searchability
  • Extensive financial reports
  • Optimized for time saving and effectiveness
  • Print checks on blank stock (and for all clients at once)

Terms in your favor

  • No contract to sign
  • No minimum term. Cancel at the end of any month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited support and training at no additional charge
  • Scaled pricing available in select cases
  • We implement all reasonable requests at no additional charge

Here’s a small dose of what’s exclusive to ISP


ISP used scientifically tested colors and fonts in a way that’s scientifically designed to reduce eye strain and its nasty symptoms.

MIA Donations

ISP developed an exclusive algorithm to scour your data for signals that a person or org is ready to give or give more. A survey found the smallest amount left on the table was $49,000.

Scheduled Reports

Don’t create reports one at a time anymore. Set them up once. ISP automatically emails them to anyone you choose at any interval you want.

Compliance A.I.

We built artificial intelligence that analyzes FEC and other agency RFAI Letters, which produces the most sophisticated compliance report warning system available.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Integrated Solutions Political. Every step of they way they’ve been exceedingly helpful and responsive to my needs. If there’s a problem, they’re on it right away. If there is a feature that I need, it’s there at my disposal within days. I intend to eventually move all my clients over to ISP.Tom Perry
Having used many political fundraising tools, Integrated Solutions Political is by far the best one. It allows for data management, email blast, call sheet creation and best of ALL it allows for you to track pledges. Not only does it allow you to track them but reminds you when you should check in. Sydnie Ellias