How to use the CA E-Filing program CALOAD

***Note: You can now e-file your compliance reports directly to the state from ISPolitical! This help file is a legacy from before we added that ability.

California uses a program known as CAload for E-filings.

ISPolitical can generate the .cal file required for E-filing via the CAload program! When you generate your CA Compliance report in ISPolitical, click the DOWNLOAD button to automatically download a .cal file that can be used with CAload.

Please contact support if you have any questions!

Download locations for the tool:



1) Download from either source. I recommend saving this to your desktop.

2) Right-click on the icon, and select “Extract All…”

3) Follow the prompts to extract the files

Now that you have the CALoad on your computer, here’s how you upload files:

1) Double click on the “CALoad” folder, then double click again on the second “CALoad” folder

2) Double click on “CALoad.exe” file. If you get a security warning, click “Run”

3) In the upper left corner of CALoad, click on File > Upload

4) Browse for your .cal file that you downloaded from our system

5) Enter your password, ID, and email address that you want to have the acknowledgement email sent to on the “Upload” tab. Make sure the “TCP/IP” button is selected.

6) Once you have this information entered, click on the “Configure” tab, and confirm the following information:

– TCP/IP hostname:

– Agency ID: CA

(you’ll only have to do this the first time you use the CALoad)

7) Go back to the “Upload” tab and click OK.

You should see a confirmation that the filing has been accepted. Congratulations!