CA LLC Reporting Requirement

As of August 21st, new rules for reporting LLC's in CA went into effect. This change requires the Legal Responsible Officer to be reported as well.

Here is how you do the data entry for this in ISP!

  1. Enter the contribution from the LLC. Make sure the business type is LLC.
  2. Create a relationship to the person considered the Legal Responsible Officer. It's best to use the relationship type "Employee/Employee of" for this, to keep it simple. Make sure the relationship is the Primary relationship (meaning, it has the little "Primary" indication in blue next to the relationship).

That's it!

ISP will automatically pull this LLC contribution to your report as required. As of now, that means the Legal Responsible Officer will pull to the donor block for the LLC contribution on the PDF. On the e-File version of the report, it'll pull as a text block containing the information indicating the LLC and Legal Responsible Officer link.

If you have any questions on how to do the data entry on this, please contact!