What Are External Data Sources?

The External ID Tracking tool provides useful record information on both Individuals and Organizations from various outside sources. This info would be ID Numbers and other indentifiers from external software programs and data sources. Adding this tool adds a new section to the entity record where more details can be included.

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About the TX Forms Coh Report

Applies To: Texas

The TX COH Form Report is used for filing annual reports of unexpended contributions or a report of the final disposition of unexpected contributions. You will need to file this if you fall under either of these different categories. 

  • In the event of having unexpended political contributions, interest, assets, or other money from political-related contributions, after already filing a final report as a candidate. 


  • In the event of ceasing as an officeholder without a campaign treasurer on file and any unexpended political contributions, interest, assets, or other money earned at the time you ceased as an officeholder.

To file your TX Forms COH report, you must generate and download your e-file to upload to your filing account. Texas requires the e-file to be in .csv format You can log into your state account and file your report with the state.

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About the MS Report of Receipts and Disbursements

Applies To: Mississippi

The MS Report of Receipts and Disbursements is required for all candidates, their committees, and all political committees to file a report. Contributions and Disbursements are required if their year-to-date aggregate exceeds $200.

Download the generated zip file and extract the files inside. Log into the MS Campaign Finance Portal and upload each file separately.

If you are using a Mac, the state’s website is best viewed using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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