Anedot Integration with ISPolitical

How to set up Integration with Anedot:

1. Go  to the System tab (the GEAR ICON), then to Integrations.

2. On the Manage Integrations screen, you will see a list of existing integrations in two sections: Installed and Available.

3. Locate the Anedot integration in the Available section, then click on it. It will then shift to the Installed section.

4. Now that everything is set up in ISP, you will need to set up the integration in Anedot as well. You can find information about that in their help file.

(NOTE: You will need your ISP Account Name to complete the integration on Anedot. Make sure to use your short account name. That’s the name in the top left of your screen next to the text ISP:)

Once you’ve completed the process in both ISP and Anedot, the integration will be set up. 

Once the integration is set up, the system will automatically create an Anedot organization record in the account with Anedot’s details.

Now, your donation data from Anedot will be automatically sent to your Pending Imports on your Dashboard. For more information on what steps to take with the data in Pending Imports, click here.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact Support at