All About WinRed

There are two main ways to get WinRed data into your account in ISP. You can use the Quick Import tool or the Integration feature to achieve this goal.

The Quick Import tool is often faster to work with when you have large amounts of data. However, the Integration tool allows for real-time information to come in rather than having to upload batches on a regular basis.

Quick Import Method

WinRed deposits are typically directly placed in your bank account. As a result, the Quick Imports format for WinRed will create a conduit check automatically based on the information you are uploading.

The data that comes into ISP will be included in a Conduit Check using the date indicated in the Quick Import Upload Option field. Each individual contribution that makes up that Conduit Check will have their own dates matching the data file.

If you bring the data into your Undeposited section, the system will create a Conduit Check as indicated previously. When you go to create you Batch Deposit including this Conduit Check, you will need to add the total of the fees as an expense to the Batch Deposit by using the Add Deducted Fees button on the Deposit info page.

If you bring the data directly into your financial account (i.e. the default Checking), The system can create the Conduit Check as indicated previously, but it will also create the Expense transaction indicating the fee to WinRed!

NOTE: If you have Agency fees as well as WinRed credit card transaction fees, both are taken out of the check you receive from WinRed.  As a result, you will need to have two expenses added to the Batch Deposit. One for the processing fee and one for the agency fee. Both can be created the same way via Add Deducted Fees.

You can use the WinRed Agency Fee feature to collect any payments on a fundraising arrangement. Please note the candidate, not WinRed, is paying the fees to the Agency. On your Payout Report will be columns for Agency name and amount.

For more information on WinRed and FEC reporting, click here.

Integration Setup and Manual Method

In order to have contributions received via WinRed come directly into ISP, you first need to setup an integration. Once the data comes into ISP, you then will likely need to create Conduit Checks to report them properly. You may need to check with your agency to verify how contributions received from WinRed should be indicated. Not all agencies require conduits to be reported.

Installing your WinRed integration:
1. Go to the Settings icon on your top toolbar (It’s an icon of a gear).
2. Select “Integrations” from the drop-down menu.

3. Scroll down until you find “WinRed”  and click  on it to install it.

4. You will receive an email from ISP indicating what steps you need to do next. This involves Emailing WinRed to let them know that you want to turn on the integration with ISPolitical. Make sure to include your short account name  (the one that appears in the top left of your screen next to the text ISP:). Details will be in the email you receive after installing your WinRed integration. It can take 1-2 days for WinRed to active it on their end.

Once the integration is set up, the system will automatically create a WinRed organization record in the account with WinRed’s details.

Creating your Conduit Check:
You will see the information from WinRed come into the “Pending Imports” section of ISP. If you’re unsure how to access your pending imports – check out our help article here:

From there, here is how you can convert those contributions to a conduit check:

1. On the Deposit screen, you’ll see a list of transactions ready to be deposited. If any of the contributions are part of the WinRed conduit contributions, then click the Record WinRed Conduit Check button at the bottom of the screen.

2. In the window that appears, you’ll have the option of setting the Check Date, Check Amount, Election, and Budget Category.

3. Once you’ve added the applicable details, click the Add button.

4. This will direct you to the Edit Transaction screen where you’ll need to complete the main transaction details. You’ll notice, however, that most of the main details are filled in, and the transactions you selected from the Deposit screen are showing as Splits. The Tag “Conduit – Conduit Check” will be selected as well.

5. After entering in all the details, choose either Save or Save & New at the bottom to finalize the WinRed conduit check.

At this point you can go back to RECORD DEPOSIT and create a deposit that includes the WinRed conduit check (recommended), or place it directly in the financial account.