Advanced Search Recipe: Adding Flags En Masse & Excluding Flags From Lists

Sometimes, when generating a list, you may want to exclude certain results from the list. Perhaps you’re looking for individuals in a geographical location but want to exclude people who volunteer for your campaign. However, there’s not a clear way (yet!) how to leave off volunteers from the list.

Fortunately, you can use Advanced Search to first apply a Volunteer flag to individuals, then use that flag as the exclusionary criteria in a separate search.

The following steps will explain the above specific circumstance but can be used in a more general sense for your own situation.

First and foremost, ensure the Volunteer flag already exists in your database under the Lists tab. If so or you already know it exists in the database, navigate to the Advanced Search screen for the following.

In order to apply a flag en masse, first locate everyone in the database you’d like to apply this flag to. Once you have generated that list in Advanced Search, click the Exports & Actions button at the bottom of the screen. A menu will appear and from there, select Set Flags. In the window that opens, select the flag you’d like to add, then the Add Flag option, then click Process.

In the window that will appear, you will also see an AI option to automatically add the flag to a record if it matches the criteria. Any new entity that matches the search criteria that are added in the next 24 hours the AI will automatically add that flag to the record. This will allow those records to populate on saved or future searches containing that flag.

You can also view that AI is turned on to set flags to new records by navigating to the Tools menu and selecting ai@ISP. In the middle of the page will be a new Managed Flags section. This section shows the Flags that AI is automatically adding/managing to new records that meet the criteria of the Advanced Search.

Once the flag has been set, you can now generate the list of individuals in a certain location and exclude those you just applied the Volunteer flag to.

First, add the location as the first rule. Once you’ve added it to the Search Criteria section, create another rule in the Add Rule section:

Area: Flags
Field: Flag
Relationship: Is Any Of
Value: (select the Volunteer flag)

At this point, click the red Add as Exclusion button.

The Search Criteria will then show two lines of criteria, one with a red Exclude button.

This list will provide all entities in the database that are in the city of San Diego but will exclude any entities that have the Volunteer flag associated with the record.

NOTE: Other list needs may be more complex than this but the above recipe can generally be applied. If you need further assistance, please contact Support.