A Whole Company Forged by Listening

Listen -> Learn -> Improve

Our Core Values

What a company believes tells you everything you need to know about their products and services. Here's what you need to know about ISPolitical.

We focus

"It's all about the software, dummy!" is something you'd hear around our offices if you get the chance to listen. Our core business is political campaign software. We don't fritter resources away on side projects. You deserve that kind of focus from your provider!

We compete

We are an ultra-competitive company that believes in achieving not just excellence. We want a Grand Canyon sized gap between us and the rest. Our goal is not to be the best. Our goal is to be the best by a few billion miles.

We Practice Honesty

Honesty comes from confidence. Confidence comes from excellence. We won't try to trick you into signing long term contracts or give you poor reasoning in order to get your business. We show you what we can offer, how we can offer it, and then let you make an informed decision. We practice honesty at every step, making sure you know precisely where you stand. You deserve complete honesty.

We Create Fun

Excitement draws most people to politics. Few care for the requisite long hours in front of a computer screen. With that in mind, we do our best to make life a little more fun. Whether that's an emoji set to differentiate your tags, or a fresh Ron Swanson quote each day, we try to bring a little fun and humor to your campaign.

We listen

Who knows what political campaigns need? Political campaigns! Listening to our customers, and even just our potential customers provides our developmental foundation. It’s silly, and bad business, to presume a developer knows more about what you need than you do. That’s why we listen at every step. Our reps listen, tell development what to start working on. This produces a vastly superior system and service. Our ability to listen, incorporate user feedback is almost an unfair competitive advantage.

We care

We are good people, honestly care about our clients. We get to know them and wish them the best. Our passion for our clients is more than that. It's a business philosophy. If you do well, we do well. The more we help you do well, the more you'll use us. The more you grow, the more we grow. We care about you because we identify as you. That's why our reps, in every department, are instructed to help you solve problems whether they're related to software or not. Bring us any problem. We'll do our best to help.

We are Flexibility

Robert Ludlum (of all people) once wrote, "Blessed are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape." In business, that saying should probably be, "Blessed are the flexible, for their clients love them." No two organizations are the same. At ISPolitical, we strive to provide flexible solutions that fit the needs of any uniquely shaped campaign. Whether that means a creative pricing options, short term contracts, reasonable development, a change in terms or whatever, we will do our best to accommodate your unique needs.

Achieving Diamond Grade Tech

We think of our system as a piece of carbon, user feedback as thousands of tons of pressure, and our development team as a time accelerator. The perfect combination of these three elements produces Diamond Grade Technology. We carefully listened (and continue to listen) to the feedback of political campaign professionals in order to produce a Diamond Grade system.

See the diamond

  • 01

    Support reps catalogue potential solutions during all calls, serving as conduits for relaying user feedback to the development team.

  • 02

    During sales calls, reps are instructed to closely listen for and solicit desirable features, processes, workflows and report back to the dev team.

  • 03

    Whether it's a nominated presidential candidate or a dog catcher, we listen to EVERYONE to see how people operate, learn from their feedback.

  • 04

    We compile user feedback into a central location, organize and store for development priority decisions.

Design the diamond

  • 01

    We have only one metric to determine whether a feature will eventually be implemented: Reasonableness. If it's reasonable, we do it. 

  • 02

    If a feature passes the reasonableness test, we begin the process of prioritizing new feature development. 

  • 03

    Features likely to be used by more people get implemented faster than features used by less people.

  • 04

    Features that are simple to implement can be released within hours. No archaic business structure prevents us from being awesome!

Forge the diamond

  • 01

    Our dev team immediately begins work on features, completing based on the priority schedule.

  • 02

    Once a feature is coded, support runs it through the grinder, tries to break it. We take quality assurance seriously. Much more seriously than other companies.

  • 03

    We usually go back to the person who originally suggested the new feature for further testing and quality assurance. 

  • 04

    We push the feature live for everyone to enjoy and repeat the cycle endlessly, eventually producing Diamond Grade Tech.

Who Is Behind ISPolitical?

ISPolitical is a team of industry professionals. Our leadership has been in the political industry (mostly on the software side) for over 108 cumulative years. Each one of us abides by the "client is always right" and "the client is most important" business maxims. We are innovative, bright, resourceful, ready to usher in a new age for political campaign software.

Ben Katz - Chief Architect

Ben is a top leader in the software development industry with nearly 20 years of experience and a unique approach to software development: He LISTENS to what his customers want and produces elegant solutions. His products include a wide range of functionality such as robust contact management systems, accounting and regulatory compliance tools, and do-it-yourself website builders. Ben isn't interested in building your average software system. Ben is a development leader because he creates user-friendly and efficient processes by listening to the people who use his systems.

Ben founded CompleteCampaigns.com, which provided fundraising, workflow management, accounting and compliance systems to thousand of political campaigns, political action committees, and local, state and federal political party committees. In 2008, he sold CompleteCampaigns to industry competitor, Aristotle, Inc.

The day I met Ben, he showed me his software system. I noted something I didn't like. He said, "Be right back." and darted out of the room. He returned 30 seconds later and said, "Try it again." It was fixed! This is why Ben produces the best political software systems. If a change makes sense, a change happens. He doesn't hem, haw, discuss with a committee. He just improves.
- Mitch Gingrich, President Integrated Solutions Political

Mitch Gingrich - President

Mitch worked his first political job in 2001 and has been helping campaigns, consultants and political organizations achieve success ever since. Mitch has worked with national party committees, nominated presidential campaigns but always finds the time for small school board races.

Mitch runs the business side of Integrated Solutions Political and is positively committed to making your life better in any way he possibly can. Mitch will ALWAYS go the extra mile to make clients happy and help consultants grow their businesses.

I have worked with Mitch for many years and found him to be honest and reliable. There was never a time he was not available or a question he couldn’t answer. His help was invaluable. Look forward to working with him in his new venture.
- Carol Russell, C & A Consulting (over100 clients)

Jen Broadbent - VP Compliance

Jen's ability to retain arcane knowledge and love of solving puzzles makes her perfectly suited for the strange & mysterious world of Campaign Finance Compliance. She started her professional career wrangling different rules of artist's unions while a Stage Manager for opera productions, and then realized wrangling politicians wasn't too different, and would use her other skill - math.

Jen has put her ridiculous memory to work by memorizing campaign finance rules for a majority of the US filing agencies and applying that knowledge towards creating software that will work for everyone.

When we talk about people that know the various compliance requirements across the country, and how to implement those into software solutions, I don't think there's anyone in the world that has more knowledge or experience exclusively within this realm. Jen is mega-efficient and detail-oriented. Her expertise is invaluable and will be noticed by all customers when their compliance reports go off without a hitch.
- Mitch Gingrich, ISP President

Cara Shreiner - Director of Operations

Cara spent more than 20 years developing dynamic teams, systems, budgets, and production plans in the corporate fashion and music festival industries before joining the team at ISP. Using positive communication and respect, she loves finding paths to greater efficiency, helping her coworkers thrive, and taking care of business in general; all with a smile on her face that makes her a great fit in her Operations role in a new industry .

Cara’s passions include exploring and supporting local businesses, experimenting with plant - based recipes, raising awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer's research, and going on travel adventures to connect with different cultures.

Casey Hauser - Director of Sales

As our talented Director of Sales, Casey is dedicated to providing helpful answers and ensuring each and every potential client gets the tools they need. Whether it's scheduling extra demos, hopping on the phone for an account issue, or just saying hi, Casey is always ready to help with a smile on his face. When he's not helping clients get the best political software tools available, Casey windsurfs off of the beautiful coasts of Hawaii and hangs out with his cat, Goose.

Tad Goddard - Head of Support

Tad has been with Integrated Solutions Political since just after launch. He has spent 25+ years working in various technical and support roles leading and building successful support teams. Helping others, with his natural empathy and understanding of the challenges you face, is why he's been so loved by clients and why our support team is the best! If there is a way or a need that can be met, you can be sure Tad can tell you or champion your cause!

In his free time, Tad's an avid "wannabe" gardener who has far more dead roses in his belt than live ones, but he won't give up despite the constant setbacks! A huge fan of all things Disney, he loves taking his four boys to Disneyland whenever possible.

Zhao Ong - Compliance Manager

Originally bouncing around as ISP's jack of all trades, Zhao is now laser-focused on compliance. Besides keeping reports updated and helping clients file on time, Zhao enjoys reading, gardening, and trying new foods.

Matt Dunn - Programmer

Matt received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 2005. Before joining ISP's programming team, he spent most of his time designing and crafting unique, artistic objects for galleries, theaters, and children's museums. Matt maintains his artistic practice in San Diego, where he lives with his wife and two rabbits.

Tawon Swanson - Software Engineer

Tawon is ISP's star software engineer and has been involved in software design for nearly a decade. Tawon has been with ISP for almost 5 years, and enjoys flying, playing war games, and spending time with his family and dogs. Tawon loves when his work helps clients achieve their campaign goals!

Kristy Arnold - Support Specialist

The newest member of ISP's growing team, Kristy is a former United States Navy Sailor who previously worked with complex electronics on defense systems. She then decided to get her second degree in Business Management and enter the financial sector. All of her previous experience dealing with technical details and important systems have given her the skills to help clients file accurately.

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We Listen

Who knows what political campaigns need? Political campaigns! Listening to our customers, and even just our potential customers provides our developmental foundation. It’s silly, and bad business, to presume a developer knows more about what you need than you do. That’s why we listen at every step. Our reps listen, tell development what to start working on. This produces a vastly superior system and service. Our ability to listen, incorporate user feedback is almost an unfair competitive advantage.

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