About Pledges & Targets and How to Add Them to Records

Using Pledges & Targets is a way of setting financial goals, whether directed by a donor or staff, and are a useful tool for fundraising and tracking donations. These are created from within records, both Individuals and Organizations.

To start, navigate the record you’d like to add the Pledge or Target to, then scroll down until you see the section.

In the right corner of the section, click the Add option (+) and the window to add either a Pledge or Target will appear. 

Pledge: If you speak with someone and they are unable to make a donation but would be willing to in the future, they are making a pledge for a donation.

Target: Sometimes you want to set donation goals for a certain entity. This allows you to create that target to reach for when fundraising.

In the window use the slider to select Pledge or Target, depending on which transaction you’re creating. The Date and Amount are required but other fields are optional. The Owner menu allows you to choose who on staff will be responsible for making sure the target amount is met or contacting the entity to fulfill the pledge.

For more information on tracking pledges, click the following link: https://ispolitical.com/tracking-pledges/