About Budgets

It can be a little troublesome when using multiple programs and software to keep up with all the accounting responsibilities. In ISP, you can use Budgets to track your expenses or the various income sources.

In order to add a Budget to your database, click the Add Budget button at the bottom of the screen.

In the window that appears, add a Name for the Budget, select which Filer this particular budget will be tracking, and the Date range fields to specify a certain time period. Please note these date fields are required.

You also have a slider for Cash Basis or Net Worth Basis.

The drop down menu for Inkinds allows you to Exclude this non-monetary transaction, or you can include them in Receipts or both Receipts & Disbursements.

Finally, click Add Budget to create the budget in your database or click Add & New to create that budget and start a new one.

Once you’ve added the Budget, you’ll see it on the Budgets screen along with others you may have created. To the right of each budget is a button called See Report. Clicking this displays the breakdown of the budget by Budgeted Amount, Actual Amount, then the percentage.

At the bottom of the screen is an option to print the budget details to either a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.