E-Filing with the FEC

E-Filing with the FEC from ISPolitical is easy as can be! Make sure to have your E-Filing password provided by the FEC on hand. If you do not have that, you can contact the FEC or request one online (https://webforms.fec.gov/psa/newrequest.htm).

Below is information on how to file with the FEC from inside ISP. The FEC also has a manual upload site located at: https://efoservices.fec.gov/webload. Should you need to, you can use this site to upload a .fec file from ISP instead of using the filing feature in ISP.

Filing from in ISP:

1. Navigate to REPORTS > COMPLIANCE.
2. Select the Compliance Report you want to generate.
3. Fill out the required information according to the report you are generating.

See bullet points below for info on each field:

  • From Date: This is the start date of the reporting period (for example: 01/01/2020).
  • To Date: This is the end of the reporting period (for example: 03/31/2020).
  • Current Election: Select the current election you are in. If you are filling out this form as a PAC, you may be selecting Non-Election here.
  • Previous General Election Date: Enter the date of the last general election (For most this will be 11/08/2018. Some may use 11/08/2016 or a different year, depending on when the last general election was for you). If you have not had a prior general election, use the last known general election date (in this case, 11/08/2018).
  • Amended: Click this box if you are filing an amendment. There will be some additional information fields to fill out as well.
    • Original Report Number: This is the FEC-1234567 ID provided for the report you are amending. It can be located on the FEC website or in the confirmation you received.
    • Number of Amendments: If this is your first amendment to the report you would enter 1 here. If you have had several amendments to the same report, you will want to make sure this number is higher than the last one.
  • Change of Address: Checking this will mark the “Change of Address” box on the FEC Form.
  • Report Period: Select the report name you are filing (For example: April Quarterly, Year-End, etc…).
  • Previous Unitemized Individual Donations: You can find this number on Line 11aii, Column B of your previously filed FEC report. If you have not previously filed an FEC Form 3 or 3x, then you should put 0 here.
  • Sort Order: There are several options for sorting the data on the report. By date is most common.
  • Note: This is for any additional information or notes that you need to attach to your filing. This is not common.

4. Once you’ve got all the fields entered that you need, click the Generate button.
5. The system will gather the required information and show you a list of errors and warnings. Fatal errors may block you from filing, but most warnings will not. However, filing with missing information is usually not a good idea.

Below is an example of a few warnings. Each warning is a link which will open the record information on the right part of the screen for easy editing. You can also click on the three little dots to the right of the warning and open the record in a new tab.

6. Click on Download > PDF to get a PDF copy of your report to review.

7. Once you are comfortable there are no problems with your report, click on E-File Report.

8. On the next page that appears, enter your FEC password.

9. Then click on Submit E-File to upload the file to the FEC servers. Once you click this button, you cannot undo the upload.

10. Once you receive confirmation from the FEC that the file was accepted, make sure to click on “Mark as Filed”. This will lock the transactions involved with this report to help preserve data integrity and headaches down the road!